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9405 Capsule for Serious Diseases Rcovery:

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9405 capsule $82.55
Packing: 120 Capsules / bottle
Direction: 4-5 capsules 3 times a day.

9405 capsule is a high concentrated extracts of superior herbs for helping patients rapidly recovery from serious diseases such as Cancer, poor renal function, dialysis, and chronic hepatits. It can dismisses anemia, fatigue, infections, mouth sores, diarrhea caused by chemotherapy or a long-term illness. Because it can formate of new blood cells, nourishes the blood cells, increases the blood cells counts, supportes overall health such as boosting the immune system, reducing liver toxicity, improving blood oxygen flow. It is super tonic for all weakness. In 1996, 9405 Capsule has obtained "Excellent product Award" in World Superior Traditional Medical Products Fairs.


1.significant anti-tumor, anti-invasion and anti-metastatic effects
2.Preventing cancer metastasis, serving as the pre- and post-surgery adjunct therapy, alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy
3. excellent protective effect of bone marrow inhibition induced by chemotherapeutic agents
4. Activation of Iymphoblast cellls and enhancing the cellular immunity function
5 Auxiliary treatment of chronic renal failure, increasing the resistance to disease
6. prevention & treatment of hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis
7. Protection & treatment of high-risk patients of cancer

Who can use it?

Anyone who have long-term illness, especailly for cancer, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and kidney diseases patients. It is a super tonic for various impairments due to deficiencies.

A patient with high blood pressure, a strong build, or red face should consult Herbalist or Doctors before taking it.

Composition of Extracts of Herbs in 9405 formula:

Proprietary Herbal Blend 2g:

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract 26% /冬虫夏草 Chinese Caterpillar Fungus
Dong Chong Xia Cao ( Cordyceps ) tonifies Lung and increases kidney’s Yang-energy. Recent science reports show that Cordyceps improves auto-immune system and protects Kidneys and Liver from toxins. It is an excellent herbal supplement for the patients with immunity deficiencies such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, dialysis, and cancer .

Ganoderma Japonicum Extract 17% / 人参 Panax Ginseng Extract: Ginsenoside Rh2 12%
Ginseng Root ( Ren Shen ) is the most effective and strong herbal that can replenish Primordial Vital Energy-Qi. It treats consumptive and deficient diseases of all kinds. It can be used alone for collapse of Qi with symptoms such as shortness of breath, cold limbs, profuse sweating, or imperceptible deficient pulse. Modern Science finds Ginseng Root (Ren Shen ) contains antioxidant substances called ginsenosides which eliminate free radicals and scale down their negative effects. It supports overall health such as boosting the immune system, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, reducing liver toxicity, improving blood oxygen flow, controlling asthma, heightening stamina and improving the health of people recovering from illness.

灵芝 Lucid Ganoderma
Reishi Mushroom, known as “God Grass” in China Herbs, nourishes the Heart and calm the Spirit. Long-term use of the them makes one feel happy and vigorous and enjoy a long life like immortal. The modern pharmacology research confirmed that Lucid Ganoderma ( Ling Zhi ) boosts the body’s immune system, auxiliaries cancer chemotherapy, regulates blood sugar, control blood pressure, protects liver , promote sleep, etc.

astragalus Membranaceus Extract 11% / 黄芪 Astragalus root
Huang Qi (Astragalus) is a very important vital Qi-energy herbal. It is good at replenishing deficient and insufficient conditons of various kinds. It is very suitable for a patient who has a low energy and blood deficiency. It can replenish the Primordial vital Energy and reinforce the Spleen and Stomach Function. Also, Huang Qi (Astragalus) is good for treating spontaneous perspiration sweating with pain in the skin and night sweating due to deficient conditional of the vital energy. It is a great herbal for boosting immunity. It has been used in preventing from frequently colds and upper respiratory infections. Huang Qi can be used in small doses to improve immune system for a long period of time without side effects. Science Research reports that it can increase the production of blood cells particularly in individuals with chronic degenerative disease or in individuals with cancer undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Supplements of it have been shown to speed recovery and extend life expectancy.

Lycium Barbarum Extract 11% / 枸杞子 Wolfberry
Wolfberry fruit ( Gou Qi Zi ) is one of the most important herbs that nourishes the Liver and tonifies the Kidney. Recent science reports indicate that Wolfberry fruit ( Gou Qi Zi ) has anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. It can improve and regulate immune system, lowers blood lipids, protects liver function, prevents fatty liver. It is a superior medicinal food for improving a condition of consumption and anti-aging. It can be taken for a long period time.

Glycyrrhiza Uariensis Extract 5% / 甘草 Locorice

It pacifies the mind and soul. It relieve convulsions and palpitations, restlessness and amnesia. It tonifes the spleen and enhances qi-energy; clears heat and rids of toxins; expels phlegm and stops cough; relieves stomach, muscle and tendon pain. it is used to lessen the harsh and toxic nature of other herbs and harmonizes the overall effects of a formula.

Vitamins A. 70 IU 2% DV
Vitamins C. (as Ascorbic Acid) 2% DV
Vitamins E 4 IU 10% DV
Taurine 60mg

Packing: 120 Capsules / bottle
Three times a day, 4-5 capsules once ( for prevention: once a day)

Company Info:

9405 Formula is made of 100% all-natural finest ingredients. It is produced in the certified GMP facilities of Tai Wan Herbs Factory. It is imported to USA in accordance with the FDA guidelines by Meditalent Inc in Flushing, NY USA.

Our Guarantee

Pic-g 9405 Capsules is effective and satisfication is guaranteed. We guarantee money back without any question if you return herbal medicine for any reason.


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