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Vine Essence Capsules

vine essence $5.99

Packing: 30 Capsules / bottle
Direction: 2 capsules 3 times a day.
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Vine Essence Capsules is a high potent natural herbal formula used in treatment of arthritis. It is a classical formula which was been used in treatment of emperors since thousand years ago. It can not only reduce the inflammation, relieve joints pain very fast and effect, but also have a great ability of improving the energy level and decreasing fatigue. Moreover, it can restore the immunity system normal function, restricting disordered immunity system attack joints and tissues, and strengthening bone and tendons. It is one of the best natural herbal formula used in treatment of arthritis, practically rheumatoid arthritis. Currently, it has been used in clinics and home remedy very successful. The success rate for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is over 90%. It is highly recommended by Doctors for treatment of arthritis.


What is the different Vine Essence Capsule from conventional arthritis medicines ?

Because of the mild toxicity of herbal ingredients, Vine Essence Capsule inhibits inflammation, reduces swollen, and eliminates pains just like what conventional arthritis medicines do. But it is much less toxic than conventional arthritis medicines. Beside, Vine Essence Capsule is a superior conventional arthritis medicine because it contains antioxidant substances and other nutritious components. By nourishing blood, enhancing the liver and kidney and quickening the blood circulation, it promotes the growth of tendon and bone, increases energy level, and restores the normal immune functions. So it can cure rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and joint pain. The success rate in treatment of arthritis is much higher than expected.

Who can use it?

Anyone who has rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid pain, weak limbs, osteoarthritis and bone joints pain can use it, except who is pregnant or breastfeeding . Vine Essence Capsules specially for people who are looking for natural herbal medicine with much less side effects to treat arthritis.

Caution: People with liver or kidney diseases should consult doctor or herbalist before using it. Do not use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Does Vine Essence capsules hurt stomach?

No, it is absolutely not.

How long should Vine Essence Capsule be taken?

After taking Vine Essence Capsule ten days, the pain of joints and tendons will be relieved a lot, the swollen will be much less. It is necessary taking Vine Essence Capsule two through six months for rheumatoid arthritis and one through three months for osteoarthritis, depending on the individual.

Active ingredient in each pill:

Homalomena (千年健) 70mg
In traditional Chinese medicine, homalomena has bitter, pungent and warm properties, and is associated with the Liver and Kidney meridians. The extract of it not only can inhibit acute inflammation, but also inhibit chronic inflammation to eliminate pain. It shows it possesses the effect of anti-rheumatoid arthritis. It is used in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis , spastic arms and legs, pain and weakness in the lower back and knees, injuries from impact. It has mild toxic.
Dosage Oral:
cecoction: 9-15g; powdered: 0.9 ~ 1.5g; or soaked in wine.

Japanese Kadsura (黑老虎) 70mg
Japanese Kadsura 's Latin name is Kadsura coccinea (Lem.) A. C. Smith. With punge, warm and slightly bitter properties, the root of it has been used as a herb medicine. It prompotes qi-energy and blood circulation, expel blood stasis, open blocked meridians, reduces swelling, relieve pain, cure rheumatism, bone pain,bruises and fracture. Also, it is commonly used for stomach ailments such as gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, acute gastroenteritis. Because it has calm, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, pregnant women should be careful to use it.
Dosage Oral:
Cecoction: 9 ~ 15g; powdered: 0.9 ~ 1.5g; or soaked in wine.

Morinda {Ba Ji Tian} (巴戟) 70mg
Ba-Ji-Tian's Latin name is Morindae Officinalis Radix. It has spicy, sweet, and warm properties. It can strengthens the tendons and bones. It is used for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle spasms, and lower back pain. It nourishes kidney and Yang. It is used in treatment of impotence, infertility, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, irregular menstruation and frequent urination and bedwetting. What more, it can boost immune system as well as strengthen the body’s system that releases hormones. Dosage: 10-15 grams

Fo_ti {He Shou Wu } (何首乌) 70mg
He Shou Wu's Latin Name is Radix Polygonum Multiflorum. It is warm, sweet and acts on liver and kidney channels. It nourishes blood and Yin, strengthens liver and kidney. It blackens hair. Long-term use enables the growth of tendon and bone and prolongs the lifespan. It has functions of anti-aging, improving immune system, alleviating serum cholesterol, reversing hardening of arteries, regulate blood sugar, protecting liver function, improving the development of red blood cells.Dosage: 9 to 30 grams per day.

Ligusticum wallichii {Chuan Xiong}(川芎) 65mg
ChuanXiong's Latin name is Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort. It has acrid and warm properties, entering liver, gallbladder and pericardium channels. It is one of the most effective herbs for expelling Blood and Qi stasis. It dilates coronary arteries and improves blood flow to heart muscles. It has the effects of increasing cerebral blood flow, accelerating the velocity of blood flow, dilating the spastic artery and decreasing peripheral arterial resistance. Also it has antibiotic and anti-coagulation effects. In the traditional chinese medicine, it is used in treatment of muscles and joints pain, chest pain, headaches, dizziness and numbness, Blood Stagnation, and Blood Deficiency. Use with caution during pregnancy. Avoid in patients with excess menses or prone to bleeding. It may interfere with Anti-Coagulating drugs. Dosage: 3 ~10 g per day.

Asia Ginseng /Ren Shen(人参) 50mg
Modern Science finds Asia Ginseng contains antioxidant substances called ginsenosides which eliminate free radicals and scale down their negative effects. It supports overall health such as boosting the immune system, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, reducing liver toxicity, improving blood oxygen flow, heightening stamina and improving the health of people recovering from illness.

Pubescent holly {Mao Dong Qin} (毛冬青)65mg
It has bitter, astringent, cool and non-toxic properties. It can reduces swelling and pain because it has a significant anti-inflammatory, detoxification and diuresis effects. Also it has a abilities to increase coronary blood flow, relax spasm of peripheral vascular, boost limb and muscle blood flow, and inhibit platelet aggregation and thrombosis. Usage and Dosage Oral: decoction, 10 ~ 30g per day.

Gastrodia {Tian Ma} (天麻)65mg
Tian Ma has sweet and neutral properties, entering liver channel. It has sedation and anti-seizure effects on the CNS, relieving convulsion and spasm. Also it can lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to heart and brain. Thus, it is very commonly used for hypertension, headache, dizziness, migraine, and nervous headache. Because of expelling wind evil and alleviating pain effects, it has been used to treat arthralgia and numbness and fatigue. What more, it can improve the immune system. It is relatively safe.

Chinese licorice {Gan Cao} (甘草)4omg
Gan Cao's common name is Licorice Root. It is sweet, neutral and nontoxic. It mainly acts on the heart, lung, spleen and stomach channels. It pacifies the mind and soul. It relieve convulsions and palpitations, restlessness and amnesia. It tonifes the spleen and enhances qi-energy; clears heat and rids of toxins; expels phlegm and stops cough; relieves stomach, muscle and tendon pain. it is used to lessen the harsh and toxic nature of other herbs and harmonizes the overall effects of a formula. Do not use with high blood pressure or edema. Using Licorice with aspirin may increase the irritation of the stomach. Dosage: 1.5-9 grams

Spatholobus / Ding Gong Teng (丁公藤) 70mg
Ding Gong Ten's Latin name is Erycibe obtusifolia Benth. For thousands years, Ding Gong Teng has been used in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in traditional Chinese herbal medicine because it has a great ability of inhibiting the production of inflammatory. The current science research results indicate that the anti-inflammatory activities of it are related to Scopoletin, one of the chemical components of it. Scopoletin involves inhibition of eicosanoid biosynthesis, cell influx, and peroxidation. Ding Gong Teng has toxic, but the toxic of lower dose of it is mild.
Dosage Oral:
decoction: 3-6g. powdered: 0.3-0.6g

Overall, Vine Essence Capsules is excellent herbal formula for arthritis, especially for rheumatoid arthritis. It not only treat symptoms, but also treat the course of diseases. It is relatively safe and very effective.

Company Info:

Vine Essence capsule is distributed to United Stated by Kingsway Trading Inc. All products from China that are represented by Kingsway as agent are manufactured by GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) certified manufacturers. Imported products have all passed through quality control. Safety, effectiveness, tradition, science and professionalism are what Kingsway believes in and guarantees to its customers. Kingsway distributes over-the-counter herbal medicines that are registered with the USFDA with NDC numbers. All products Kingsway sell in the United States are covered by a local product liability insurance policy. Please ensure the products you purchased display a label or description of "KINGWAY TRADING INC." .

Our Guarantee


Vine essence Capsules are effective and satisfication is guaranteed. We guarantee money back without any question. If it does not work for you, just return the empty boxes


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