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Yu Ping Feng San Formula for Prevention of Frequent Cold and Flu

Yu Ping Feng San Formula
(Jade Screen Formula)
(Jade Shield Decoction Capsule)
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Yu Ping Feng San Formula, known as Jade Screen Formula or Jade Shield Decoction Capsule in English, is an classical herbal formula used for cold and flu prevention in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is famous for boosting immunity to reduce frequent cold and flu. Modern Science researches have proved that Yu Ping Feng San Formula ( Jade Screen Formula/Jade Shield Decoction Capsule ) can increase immune cells production and enhance microphage function.

In clinical trials, Yu Ping Feng San Formula ( Jade Screen Formula/Jade Shield Decoction Capsule ) can significantly reduce the frequency of the common cold and bacterial infection of the respiratory in people who have chronic bronchitis or who are susceptible to the cold or flu. The overall rate of effectiveness is over 90 % after Yu Ping Feng San Formula has been taken 14 weeks. Also it is proven that it can be effective used in treatment of Chronic Rhinitis or allergic Rhinitis. The effectiveness rate is over 80%. It is an safe and effective tonic for boosting the immune defense, reducing the frequency of the common cold or flu. It is one of the most recommended classical formula by Traditional Chinese Medicine Drs.

Packing: 80 capsules / bottle, 450mg each.
Recommended Dosage: take 4 capsules of Yu Ping Feng San 2 times day.
Caution: Use during pregnancy should be administered by a qualified practitioner.

Who can use Yu Ping Feng San Formula?

With lowered immunity, people, who have recurrent colds, fatigue, pale or puffy complexion, spontaneous sweating, chronic hay fever allergies and chronic nasal discharge of white and clear mucous, can use Yu Ping Feng San.

When do people use Yu Ping Feng San ?
Yu Ping Feng San Formula is suited for disease prevention. Yu Ping Feng San Formula (Jade Screen) is an natural herbal formual of strengthening the overall health of an individual, helping defend against future cold and flu attacks.

Main ingredient:

Astragalus (Huang Qi)
It is a popular tonic herb, often in combination with other herbs, to strengthen the body against diseases. It is suitable for a patient who has a low energy and blood deficiency. It is used to protect and support the immune system, for preventing colds and upper respiratory infections, and to increase the production of blood cells particularly in individuals with chronic degenerative disease or in individuals with cancer undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
More detail

Atractylodes (Bai Zhu)
It belongs to superior tonic herbs that tonifie Qin-energy or supplement energy. It has been used to treat fatigue, lack of appetite, vomiting, loose bowels, diarrhea, and edema in traditional Chinese medicine. Also Bai Zhu can stabilize the exterior and stop spontaneous sweating due to Qi-energy deficiency. More detail

Radix Ledebouriellae Divaricatae (Fang Feng) It is non-toxic and is particularly effective against all kinds of illness due to pathogenic wind. It is one of the common herbs that reduce fever and inhibit pain because of antibiotoc and antiviral actions of it. Also Fang Feng is commonly used with other herbs to stop damp type of joint and muscle pains and spasms and tight limbs associated with wind. More detail

Over all, Yu Ping Feng San( Jade Screen Formula /Jade Shield Decoction ) is a tonic Chinese herbal formula. It can be used for a long peroid of time for prevention of cold, flu, allergic rhinitis, and other disorders.

Company Info:
Yu Ping Feng San( Jade Screen Formula/Jade Shield Decoction ) , is made up of 100% pure Chinese herbs of highest qualities. It is produced in the certified GMP facilities of factory, It is imported exclusively by Kingsway Trading Inc. to USA in accordance with the FDA guidelines.

Our Guarantee

guarantee Yu Ping Feng San is effective and satisfication is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, just return empty bottles and we'll return your purchase price no questions asked.

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