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Allergic Sinusitis
Blurred Vision
Chronic Bronchitis
Cold and Flu
Cold and Ful Prevetion
Recovery from Cancer
    High Blood Pressure
    High Cholesterol-1: Hawthorn
    High Cholesterol-2: Kong May
    Male Enhancement
    Menopause: Dear Madam Softgel
    Pain Relief Cream: Pain Goodbye Cream (External use)
    Stop Bleeding
    Weight Lost-1: Ei Tai Mai Slim 30
    Weight Lost-2: Modelslim

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Weight loss:1
Natural herb Ei Ta Mei slim fast 30 for weight loss is an award-winning product and all-natural herb supplement that burns fat while reducing the sensation of hunger. Formulated scientifically, Ei Ta Mei is proven to be one of the most effective weight loss products available. Do not take this product if your blood pressure is low or uncontrollably high. Do not take this product if you have constipation problem.
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ei Ta Mei
ei Ta Mei
Ei Ta Mei slim fast

Weight loss:2
Modelslim( All Natural Fat Eater) is an All-Natural Formula For Rapid Weight Loss! It contains full-strength Apple Cider vinegar which is believed to be the most effective natural fat "eater" of all time. Also, it contains other fat burning herbs and nutrients to eliminate toxins and enhance weight loss. It will help people lose 5 -10 pounds per month, reducing high cholesterol and achieving desired results for a slim body and beautiful skin.
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modelslim Modelslim $39.99

Allergic Sinusitis:
Super Nasal Allergy Pills ( Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan )
Relieve nasal allergy symptoms without drowziness and agitation side effects.
It is a Chinese herbal medicine particularly formulated for allergies caused by pollen, mold, dust, animal dander, etc. It is a highly recommended herbal remedy by Chinese doctors to help relieve nasal allergy symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, and running nose. It will not cause drowziness and agitation.
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Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan
Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan
Super Nasal Allergy Pills
(Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan)

9405 Formula

--Recovery from Cancer:
9405 formula is a pure herbal extract supplement that is especially developed for control of chemotherapy side effects and prevention of cancer. It is suitable for patient who are looking for a powerful supplement that rapidly reduces chemotherapy side effects such as anemia, fatigue, infections, mouth sores, diarrhea etc.

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9405 formula
9405 Formula

  Packing: 180 capsules
  Directions: take 4-5 capsules, 3 times a day

(For preveetion: once a day)
Ming Mu Di Huang Wan
( Visex Extract)
--Blurred Vision:
It is a great classical formula for vision probelms due to liver heat and internal wind, including blurred vision, dry eyes, red and itchy eyes, poor eyesight, photophobia, excessive tearing, night blindness, and such eye dieases as glaucoma and cataract. Ming Mu Di Huang Wan ( Visex Extract) nourishes liver and kidney Yin, nourishes blood and subdues Yang. It is very widely used both in clinical medicine and as a household remedy for improvement of the eyes and vision.

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Visex Extra
Ming MU Di Huang Wan
( Visex Extract)

  Packing: 200 concentrated pill
  Directions: take 8 pills each time, 3 times a day

Asthma: 1
Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas ( Dong Chong Xia Cao)
--for Asthma or allergic rhinitis:
It is an overall tonic. It is very widely used both in clinical medicine and as a household remedy. It is historical prove potent at strengthening lungs functions, reducing bronchial secretions, relieving coughing, and energizing the body. Clinically it is used to treat the weakness of lungs, asthma, allergic rhinitis and dysfunction of immune system. It is very safe for long-term use.
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cordyceps sinensis
cordyceps/Tung chung Shia Chao
Cordyceps Sinensis
(Dong Chong Xia Cao)

Asthma: 2
Crocody Smooth Tea Extract(E Yu Dan Xiao Chuan)
Function and Indication:
A herbal supplement has been commonly used by herbalists to support lung heat asthma , emphysema and bronchitis. Use for oppression in the chest and panting, lung heat cough ( lung-heat cough symptoms:coughing, shortness, yellow-quality thick sputum or blood inside the sputum, bitter taste inside the mouth and pharynx, or perhaps throat pain ). Helps maintain a healthy respiratory system. Dirctions: Take 4 pills 2 times a day.
Packing: 30 pills/bottle
Caution : Do not use if pregnant

Crocody Smooth Tea Extract(E Yu Dan Xiao Chuan)
(E Yu Dan Xiao Chuan)
Crocody Smooth Tea Extract $3.80

Vine Essence Capsules is a potent natural herbal formula used in treatment of arthritis, espically rheumatoid arthritis. It can not only reduces the inflammation , relieve joints pain very fast and effect, but also have a great ability of improving the energy level and decreasing fatigue. Moreover, it can restore the immunity system normal function, restricting disordered immunity system attack joints and tissues, and strengthening bone and tendons.
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china vigor

Vine Essence Capsules

Cold and Flu
Ganmao Ling Herbal Formula offers natural herbal ingredients to provide natural antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory actions to relive cold and flu symptoms in the early stage, such as running noise, fever, chills and sore throat, shortening the duration of a cold or flu.

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Ganmao ling
Ganmao Ling

Gan Mai Da Zao Wan (Calm & Ease Decoction) nourishes the heart to calm the mind, regulates the function of the stomach and reinforces the spleen energy. It is used for worrying, sorrow, involuntary movement, behavior disorder, frequent yawns, insomnia and night sweat, and red tongue with little coating.
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Gan Mai Da Zao Wan
Gan Mai Da Zao Wan
Gan Mai Da Zao Tang (Wan)
Licorice, Triticum & Jujube Pills for Anxiety

Disease Prevetion:
Yu Ping Feng San
( Jade Screen /Jade Shield Decoction )

It is an classical tonic Chinese herbal formula (800 year history) used for disease prevention. Today it is one of the most recommended herbal remedy for boosting the immune defence, reducing the frequency of the common cold , flu , allergies, and bacteria infection in people who have chronic bronchitis and children who are susceptible to the cold or flu.

Packing: 80 capsules / bottle, 450mg each.

Recommended Dosage: take 4 capsules 2 times day.

more details for Yu ping Feng San (Jade Screen)

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yu ping feng
Yu Ping Feng San
Jade Screen
(Jade Screen /Jade Shield Decoction )

Wei-Tai 999 Capsule( Gastro Capsules )
The prepared herbal combination in Wei-Tai 999 Capsule( Gastro Capsules ) is utilized in clinic and home remedy Use for acid stomach, bloating and stomach-heat, anti-inflammation, pain relief, regulating energy and promoting digestion. It is safely and effectively promote and maintain general gastrointestinal health without harmful side effects. It is one of the best sellers herbal formula for in China.
details for Gastro Capsules( 999 Stomaching Soothing Capsule)

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Gastro Capsules

Gastro Capsules
(999 Stomaching Soothing Capsule)

High blood pressure:
Circu Pressure Formula is the China potent formula Doctors recommend over_the_counter herbal extracted pills to normalize your blood pressure. The herbal formula is applicable to different kinds of discomfort caused by high blood pressure and safely and effectively drop your high blood pressure without harmful side effects. It is one of the best sellers herbal formula for high blood pressure in China.
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circu pressure formula
circu pressure formula
Circu Pressure Formula

High Cholesterol:1
Shan Zha Jiang Zhi Pian( Hawthorn Extract Reduce Cholesterol Pills) lowers cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. It is used for high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris and hypertension. It is made of 100% pure authentic Chinese Hawthorn fruit of highest quality.
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hawthorn extract
Hawthorn Extract Reduce Cholesterol Pills


High Cholesterol:2
Kong May( Cholesterol Reducer ) It is a superior formula of natural herbs for reducing cholesterol. It contains powerful all-natural ingredients, making it an excellent adjuster of high cholesterol. Kong May, Cardiovascular Nutritional Support, is very effective and safe to maintain optimal cholesterol level.
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kong may Kong May $34.95       

Male Enhancement
CHINA VIGOR is dietary Herbal supplement that helps promote sexual performance. It was a classical herbal formula that had been used for many Chinese emperors to improve their sexual performance. Modern clinical trial has proved that China Vigor can significantly improved men's health in early ejection, soft erection, impotence and lack of energy. The sueccessful rate is over 90%. It is the China potent formula that Doctors highly recommend over the counter herbal extracted pills for man's health. more details for China Vigor

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china vigor

DEAR MADAM Softgels is pure herbal extracts to help a woman's mid-age re-vitalization; it helps post-menopauseal women maintain and enjoy a healthy and high quality life throught a naturally difficult part of the aging process.
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Dear Madam softgels
Dear Madam softgels

External Analgesic Cream: 100% all nutural cooling medicate creams fromulated with all natural botanical ingredient to enhance the long term relief aches and pains of muscles, stifferness,joints associated with backache, arthristis, and strains. Detail

Pain GoodBye pain goodbye



Stop bleeding :
Yunnan Baiyao Capsule(Anastaltic Capsule)
is commonly used for excessive menstrual bleeding, ulcer bleeding, and hot skin infections (carbuncles). It Can be taken internally or applied externally. A powder of Yunnan BaiYao can stop bleeding immediately and is often used for cuts and scrapes in family.
more details for Yunnan Baiyao Capsule

Yunnan Baiyao Capsule
Yunnan Baiyao Capsule
(Anastaltic Capsule) $8.95

Six Flavor Rehmanni
( Liu Wei Di Huang Wan )
Function and Indication:
classical formual for nourishing kidney, liver and spleen Yin, and tonifying kidney ans spleen Qi. Accompanying symptoms include weakness or pain in lower back, restlessnes, insomnia, burning in soles or palms, mild night sweats, dizziness, tinnitus, sore throat, impotentce, and high blood pressure due to kidney Yin deficiency.
Dirctions: Take 8 pills 3 times a day.
Packing: 200 pills/bottle
Caution : Do not use if pregnant. Be acution in excessively damp condition.

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
(Six Flavor Rehmanni) $4.95

Restorex Plus Ertract
( Ba Zhen Yi Mu Wan )
Function and Indication:
increase blood circulation and improve diuresis in the kidney, tonify Qi and nourish the blood. Excellent women's general tonic, useful for fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitation, low appetite, irregular menstruation, deficient menses, and recovery form childbirth and illness.
Dirctions: Take 8 pills 3 times a day with warm water.
Packing: 200 pills/bottle
Caution : If you are pregnant, consult a doctor or herbalist before use.

Ba Zhen Yi Mu Wan
Ba Zhen Yi Mu Wan
(Restorex Plus Ertract) $4.00

Hemorrex Tea Decoction
( Zhi Gen Duan )
Function and Indication:
This formula is used for 1 or 2 stage internal or external hemorrhoids, helping relieve the discomfort hemorrhoid feeling and let you back to your normal.
Packing: 50 capsules per bottle
Directions: Take 4 capsules each time, 3 times a day.
Caution: Do not use during pregnancy.

Hemorrex Tea Decoction
Hemorrex Tea Decoction
(Zhi Gen Duan ) $3.80

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