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Gan Mao Ling Formula for early stage Cold and Flu

Ganmao ling Ganmao Ling

Gan Mao Ling provides natural antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory actions to relive cold and flu symptoms in the early stage, such as running noise, fever, chills and sore throat, shortening the duration of a cold or flu.

Gam Mao Ling is popular because it is effectiveness to prevent cold and flu. When people've been exposed to someone with a cold or flu, people can completely alleviates all symptoms by taking a few doses of Ganmao Ling at the first sign of cold symptoms. It is a great natural Herbal formula to help promote well_being during cold and flu season.

Packing: 100 tablets per bottle

Directions: Take 4 tablets each time with warm water, 3 times a day.

Caution: Do not use Ganmao Ling during pregnancy.

Functions and Indications:

Clearing away heat, dispelling wind cold, eliminating toxins, and easing pain. It is effective both in treating syndrome of cold or flu with fever, mild chills, sore throat, and running noise.

Who can use it?
Gan Mao Ling is suitable to people who are easy to get cold, flu and sweat a lot after active, who have chronical allergic Sinusitis, who have chronic bronchitis , and children who are susceptible to the cold or flu.

Caution: Use during pregnancy should be administered by a qualified practitioner.


1.When do people use Ganmao Ling ?
People have an early stage cold and Flu. People who have been exposed to someone with a cold or flu want to effectivly prevent cold and flu.

2. What is Ganmao Ling's side effect ?
Ganmo Ling is safe with few side effects when it is used as directed.


Japanese honeysuckle flower
(Jin Lin Hua):
It is sweet, cooling and non-toxic. It is an herb used primarily for clearing heat and eliminating toxins in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, Smooth muscle spasm, purifying, diuretic, reduces fever properties. It is widely used an essential herb combined with other herbs in the treatment of infections, such as common cold with fever, sore throat and headache.
Detail Honeysuckle Flower

Chrysanthemum Flower( Ju Hua)
It is pungent, bitter, slight cold and non-toxic. It has antibiotic, anti-SARS, anti-oxidation and analgesic reactive. It is famous for clear toxic and heat and is used for sore throat, carbuncles, red eyes, , and other heat-related illnesses, such as hight blood pressure.
Detail Chrysanthemum Flower

Simple-leaf chaste tree fruit(Man Jing Zhi)
Vitex Fruit is slightly cold, spicy and non-toxic. It inhibits pain, reduce fever and has sedative effect. It is common used for Wind-Heat cold, especially if the main complaint is headache or eye pain. Also it is used for wind-heat dizziness and migraine headache.

Isatis Root(Ban Lan Gen)
It is bitter, cold and no-toxic. It is used for clearing heat and elminating toxin. It can reduce fever and has antivirus, anti micro organism and anti-inflammation functions. In Chinese Tradtional Medicine, it is common used in treatment of wind-heat cold, flu, mumps, meningitides, measles, measles with pneumonia, chicken pox, herpes zoster and SARS.

Cassia( Gui Zhi)
Gui Zhi is acrid, sweet and warm. In Tradtional Chinese Medicine, it is used for treatment of wind cold, headache, back pain, cold fingers and toes, and muscle and bone pain. . It not only relieves diarrhea and nausea, but also stimulates gastric and saliva secretions. It is a tonic for stomach. detail

Chinese peony root:(Bai Sao)
It is sour, slightly cold and nontoxic. Bai Shao ( White Peony Root ) is good for relieving pain, nourishing blood, softening liver, arresting sweating and maintaining nutrients. It facilitates blood circulation, eases the tension of the interior, and removes malignant blood stasis and fluid-retension.

Chinese mint:(Bo He)
Peppermint, when applied externally, can relieve headache, neuralgia, and itchiness. When it be applied internally, it can dispels Wind-Heat, clears the eyes, head, and throat for common cold with symptoms of fever, headache, cough, sore throat, and red eyes due to wind heat. Also it can relieve sinus congestion caused by allergy from pollens because peppermint promotes secretion and rid of the mucus that attaches to the membrane. detail

Company Info:
Ganmao Ling, is made up of 100% pure Chinese herbs of highest qualities. It is produced in the certified GMP facilities of Shanghai TongHanChun Herbs Factory, Guang Ci Tang or Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. It is imported to USA by Kingsway Trading Inc. in accordance with the FDA guidelines.

Our Guarantee

guarantee GanMao Ling is effective and satisfication is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, just return empty bottles and we'll return your purchase price no questions asked.

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