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China Vigor of Male Enhancement Herbal Formula:

China Vigor

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China Vigor Formula is dietary Herbal supplement that helps promote sexual performance. It was a classical herbal formula that had been used for Chinese emperors to improve their sexual performance. Modern clinical trial has proved that China Vigor can significantly improve men's health in early ejection, soft erection, impotence and lack of energy. The successful rate is over 90%. It is the China potent formula that Doctors highly recommend over the counter herbal extracted pills for male enhancement.

China Vigor china vigor $4.50

Packing: 10 tablets in box
Dosage: Take 1 tablet each time, 3 times a day.

Functions and Indications:

China Vigor increases libido, sex drive and the hardness of your erection, improves sperm quality, count and spontaneous motion, boosts male sexual ability. It increases your energy and sexual satisfaction with your partner. It treats sexual performance problems, such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, failure to erect, lowered sexual drive and fatigue.

Who can use it?

Without high blood pressure or heart diseases, anyone who has impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lowered sexual drive or fatigue problem due to Yang deficiency can use China Vigor. Even normal male can use it for better sexual performance, especially in fall and winter. It is safe.

Caution: People with high blood pressure or heart diseases should consult doctor or herbalist before use it.

Active ingredient in each pill:

Cynomorium Stem/Suo Yang(锁阳) 125mg
In the Chinese Traditional Medicine, Cynomorium Stem or Suo Yang(锁阳) belongs to the category of herbs that tonify Yang. It is used for impotence in men due to Kidney Yang energy deficiency. It is widely believed an excellent sexual tonic and stimulant. It can strengthen the bones.

Cnidium Fruit/She Chuang Zi(蛇床子) 90mg
Cnidium Fruit is the dried ripe seed of Cnidium monnieri (L.) Cuss, being common used in classical traditional Chinese medicine for skin problems, vaginal discharges, and sexual potency. It is often combined with other herbs to help treat infertility and impotence. Modern science proves Cnidium Monnieri can naturally increase nitric oxide release as well as powerfully increasing the production of cGMP. cGMP is the key in obtaining and sustaining a powerful erection, because cGMP relaxes the muscles around the penis, making blood flow into the cells of the penis and allowing men to experience a proper erection.

Asia Ginseng /Ren Shen(人参) 70mg
Modern Science finds Asia Ginseng contains antioxidant substances called ginsenosides which eliminate free radicals and scale down their negative effects. It supports overall health such as boosting the immune system, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, reducing liver toxicity, improving blood oxygen flow, controlling asthma, heightening stamina and improving the health of people recovering from illness. What's more, Asian Ginseng has been a part of Chinese medicine for male enhancement over 2,000 years. It is not only historical, but also scientific proved useful for erectile dysfunction and male infertility because it has abilities of improving libido, maintaining an erection, increasing sperm count and sperm motility.

Psoralea Fruit/Bu Gu Zhi(补骨脂) 0. 45mg
Spiraled fruit is the dried ripe seed of the annual herb Psoralea corylifolia L. It is warm in property, acting on the kidney and spleen channels. Valued in Chinese herbal medicine as tonic to the genital organs, it is highly regarded as an aphrodisiac in the treatment of premature ejaculation and impotence. Also it is very common used in improvement of general vitality, treating lower back pains, frequent urination, and lumbago etc.

Cloves/Ding Xiang(丁香) 20mg
Cloves are the immature unopened pink flower buds of the evergreen clove tree. It is a great spice with warm, sweet and aromatic properties. In Chinese medicine, clove is believed entering the kidney, spleen and stomach channels, having ability to warm the middle and direct stomach qi downward. It is very common used in treatment of the kidney yang deficiency, such as impotence or clear vaginal discharge, with others herbs. Because cloves have germicidal property, it is used in treatment of tooth ache, diarrhea, hernia, and ringworm, as well as athlete's foot and other fungal infections.


How long should China Vigor be taken?
Two weeks is one section. After taking China Vigor two weeks, male sexual ability will be improved. For best result, it is necessary continually taking China vigor for one to three months depending on the individual.

what's the different China Vigor from prescription Vigor ?
China Vigor is a natural classical herbal formula and originally designed to enhance male performance, treat sexual dysfunction and infertility. As natural remedy to clinic herbal formula, China Vigor has been used safely for centuries in China. It does the same thing as prescription Vigor but without the side effects such as visual disturbances, heart irregularities and priapism that prescription Vigor may cause. What's more, while prescription Vigor is only for erectile dysfunction focus specifically on sexual performance, China vigor boosts the entire endocrine system, enhancing general wellbeing in addition to improving sexual function, helping to slow the aging process, enhance memory, and alleviate symptoms of stress and fatigue.

Company Info:

China Vigor (Mong Nan) is distributed to United Stated by Kingsway Trading Inc. All products from China that are represented by Kingsway as agent are manufactured by GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) certified manufacturers. Imported products have all passed through quality control. Safety, effectiveness, tradition, science and professionalism are what Kingsway believes in and guarantees to its customers. Kingsway distributes over-the-counter herbal medicines that are registered with the USFDA with NDC numbers. All products Kingsway sell in the United States are covered by a local product liability insurance policy. Please ensure the products you purchased display a label or description of "KINGWAY TRADING INC." .

Our Guarantee


China Vigor is effective and satisfication is guaranteed. We guarantee money back without any question. If it does not work for you, just return the empty boxes


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