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Natural Remedies for Bronchitis:

Pinellia & Apricot Combo Herbal Formula
is a potent herbal formula for Chronic Bronchitis or Asthmatic Bronchitis. It relieves cough, wheezing and shortness of breath, dispel phlegm with natural anti-inflammation function. It is applicable not only to lung-heat type Chronic bronchitis with yellow or green mucus, but also to lung-cold type chronic bronchitis with white or clear mucus. It is very effective formula that Doctors recommend over the counter herbal extracted pills to help maintain a healthy respiratory sysytem. It is one of the best sellers herbal formula for natural remedies for bronchitis.


3 boxs-Pinellia & Apricot Combo

Packing: 48 tablets in each box
Dosage: Take 4 tablets 3 times a day with warm water for natural remedies for bronchitis


Our Guarantee

Effective and Satisfication is guaranteed. If it does not work and you just return empty box, we guarantee money back.


Stop cough and wheezing, bring down the adverse ascending Lung Qi, dispel Phlegm /muscus, possesse slight natural anti-inflammation effect.

Who can use it for Natural Remedies for Bronchitis ?

Anyone with chronic bronchitis or Asthmatic Bronchitis without fever.
However, patients should consult Herbalist or Doctor to take it, if patients have other medical condition.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

How long can it be taken?

Two weeks is one session. Please avoid excessive use, long-term use(Maxium 6 months), or inappropriate dosage.

Active ingredients:

Chinese peony (Bai Shao, 白芍) 210mg
It is sour, slight cold and nontoxic and in the category of herbs that tonify blood. It acts on the liver, stomach , spleen and lung channels. It is good for nourishing the liver, and relieving stagnation of Qi-energy in the epigastrium. It tonifys blood, facilitates blood circulation, and removes malignant blood stasis and fluid-retention. It reinforces the vital energy.

Loquat leaf( Pi Pa Ye, 枇杷叶 ) 140mg
It is very good for treating coughing due to invading pathogenic Heat in the Lung. It is for cough or wheeze with yellow, copious sputum, and dry mouth due to Lung Heat, and for dry cough with dry mouth and red tongue due to Dryness or Heat. It can bring down the adverse ascending Lung Qi, transforms phlegm, and stops cough. Also it is good for treating incessant nausea and retching due to Stomach Heat or Rebellious Stomach Qi. It moistens parched mouth of woman in puerperium. It treats rosacea and sore on face and chest.

Platycodon root (Jie Geng, 桔梗、) 70mg
Platycoid Root, Root of the Balloon Flower/ JieGeng is bitter, spicy and neutral, entering Lung and Stomach Meridians. It clears the Lung, dispels phlegm and pus, opens and disseminates Lung Qi-energy. It benefits the throat as well. It is often used in treatment of cough or wheezing with profuse phlegm, bronchitis, tonsillitis and sore throat. It is one of the strongest herbs that it can treat pus and abscess in the lung and throat. Moreover, it can be used as a guiding herb to transport other herbs to the upper body because of its tendency to the upper body. Science reports show that JieGeng/platycoid radix has expelling phlegm, inhibiting cough, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcers and lowering blood sugar functions.

Poria sclerotium ( Fu Ling, 前胡、) 70mg
Poria (Fu Ling) drains dampness. It is good for dispersing edema of any etiology, reducing swelling, promoting urination. It disperses Damp-Heat, opens up obstruction in the chest and abdomen, and regulates the Qi-energy flow in the Viscera. It is used in treatment of thirst in diabetes, and dry mouth. Also, Poria (Fu Ling) whets appetite, tonifies Spleen Qi, facilitates flow of Qi-energy, and reinforces the function of the Spleen and Stomach. It is used in treatment of low appetite, loose stool, and lethargy. In additional, it can pacify the mind and spirit. It is good for insomnia or palpitation. Science reports indicate that Poria (Fu Ling) has medical functions such as diuretics, reducing plasma glucose, tranquilizing, inhibits bacteria, relaxing effect on smooth muscles, and improves immune system.

Peucedanuma root(Qian Hu, 半夏) 70mg
Qian Hu ( Hogfennel Root ) disperses accumulation of the phlegm in the chest and ribs and accumulation of gas in the epigastrium and abdomen. It brings down adversely ascending gas. It is good for cough and wheezing with thick and yellow sputum, and chest oppression. It is good for treating febrile diseases caused by Cold with chills and fever also. Science research reports indicate that Qian Hu (Hogfennel Root) can increase respiratory secretions with a longer duration of expectorant effect. Also it has anti-platelet aggregation action. In addition, it expanses coronary and increase heart coronary flow, but does not affect the heart of the primary rate and cardiac contractility.

Coltsfoot flower bud(Kuan Dong Hua, 款冬花) 70mg
It has the capabilities of suppressing cough and reducing mucus. It is good for treating coughing and asthma with difficult breath and throat inflammation due to Cold. It descends Qi and is used in treatment of Bronchitis, and incessant chronic cough with bloody sputum.

Pinellia rhizome(Bang Xia, 半夏) 70mg
Ban Xia is pungent, warm and toxic. It acts on the lung, Spleen and Stomach channels. Raw Ban Xia (Pinellia Rhizome) is very toxic. But Zhi Ban Xia (制半夏) just has mild toxic. Ban Xia (Pinellia Rhizome) displerses accumulation of Heat and phlegm with a full sensation resting in the epigastrium, abdomen, chest and diaphragm. It treats coughing with dysapnoea, pain and hard stagnation of Qi in the epigastrium, and vomiting, and nausea due to attack of epidemic disease. It dissolves carbuncle and swelling. It promotes abortion.

Tartarian aster root(Zhi Wan, 紫菀) 70mg
It is bitter and Warm, entering Lung Meridian. It is good for treating coughing with adverse ascending of gas, accumulation of gas of cold in the chest. It stops asthma, palpitation and bronchits. It regulates the interior, eliminates phlegm and quenches thirst. It refinforces the lung qi-energy and stops difficult breath.

Apricot seed(Xing Ren, 杏仁) 70mg
Apricot Seed or Kernel is bitter, slightly warm, slightly toxic, entering larger intestine and lung Meridians. It is often used in treatment of cough and asthma in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Science research reports indicate that Xing Ren ( Bitter Kernel) has antitussive and anti-asthmatic effects due to containing amygdalin. Amygdalin can be hydrolyzed to trace hydrocyanic and benzaldehyde in gut by enzymes. They can inhibit the respiratory center to produce antitussive, anti-asthmatic effects.

Ginger (Gan Jiang, 干姜) 70mg
Dried Ginger Root ( Gan Jiang ) disperses the invading pathogenic cold out of the body. It is a great herbal used in treatment of cold in the early stage; It has been found effective for treating nausea caused by seasickness, morning sickness and chemotherapy. Also it can detoxify the poison of seafood. Moreover, it can treat the abdomen pain and bloating with honey. In Chinese tradition, fresh ginger root is used in cooking, enhancing digestion, stimulating appetite, and lessening arthritis. Fresh ginger root is used as a remedy for seafood poisoning. In Western alternative medicine practice, the primary uses of ginger include prevention of motion sickness, prevention of nausea, and treatment of rheumatologic conditions as an anti inflammatory.

Chinese skullcap root (Huang Qin, 黄芩 ) 70mg
Skullcap Root, known as Huang Qin in China, is bitter, cold and nontoxic, entering Gallbladder, Large Intestine, Lung and Stomach Meridians. Huang Qin ( Skullcap Root ) is one of the most important herbs that clears heat and drains dampness in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can treat many kinds of diseases caused by damp-heat. It is often used in treatment of high fever, red eyes, sore throat, cough with thick and yellow sputum, acute asthma and allergenic eczema. It is also used for gastrointestinal (GI) infections, as well as liver problems including jaundice. In additional, Dry-fried Huang Qin ( Skullcap Root ) can calms the restless fetus due to heat and avoid miscarriage. Science research reports indicate Huang Qin ( Skullcap Root ) possesses antihistamine, anti-inflammation, broad antibiotic, anti allergenic effect etc..

Tangerine peel( Ju Hong, 桔红 ) 70mg
It is pungent, bitter, and warm, entering Stomach and Lung Meridians. It can regulates QI and Reduces phlegm. It is good for treating coughing with adverse ascending of gas, and accumulation of gas of cold in the chest. Also it is good for treating the epigastrium pain due to hard stagnation of Qi. It can dry damp, reducing phlegm and vomiting. It is used in treatment of nausea and belching.

Schisandra fruit (Wu Wei Zi, 五味子) 70mg
It is warm, sour and nontoxic, entering Lung, Kidney and Heart Meridian. It reinforces qi, treats asthma and dry coughing with adverse ascending of gas, and tones a patient who is overcome by overstrain and fatigue. It stops instant sweating, promotes saliva, quenches thirst, calms emotion, and helps to prevent insomnia. Also it reinforces Yin and tonifying the Kidney. Science reports indicate it has anti oxidant and antibiotic effect. By lowering ALT and AST, it can help regenerate liver tissues due to harmful influence like viruses and alcohol.

Over all, Pinella & Apricot Combo Formula is a potent formula for natural remedies for bronchitis. The combinaton of multiple herbs has ability to stop cough and weezing, dissolve phlegm, clear discharges and strengthens the respiratory system. It is safe. The side effects of Pinella & Apricot Combo Formula is rare. Although there are some toxic ingredients in Pinella & Apricot Combo Formula, the toxins of some ingredients are limited to lower dosage. It is harmless for regular people without other medicinal conditions . If you have complicated medical condictions, You should consult with your physician before starting this product.

Company Info:

Pinella & Apricot Combo Formula is distributed to United Stated by Kingsway Trading Inc. All products from China that are represented by Kingsway as agent are manufactured by GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) certified manufacturers. Imported products have all passed through quality control. Safety, effectiveness, tradition, science and professionalism are what Kingsway believes in and guarantees to its customers. Kingsway distributes over-the-counter herbal medicines that are registered with the USFDA with NDC numbers. All products Kingsway sell in the United States are covered by a local product liability insurance policy.

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