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Browse Herbal Pills by Problems:
Allergic Sinusitis: Nasal AllergyiClear
Anxiety:Calm & Ease Decoction
Asthma:Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphas
Arthritis:Vine Essence Capsules

Chronic Bronchitis: Pinellia & Apricot Combo Herbal formula

Cold and Flu:Gan Mao Ling
Cold and Ful Prevetion :Jade Shield Decoction Capsule
Detoxification:Cleanser Max
Gastropathy: Gastro Capsules( Wei-Tai 999 Capsule)

High Blood Sugar:Chinese Yuchuan Pill
High Blood Pressure:Circu Pressure Formula
High Cholesterol-1: Hawthorn
High Cholesterol-2: Kong May
Male Enhancement:China Vigor
Menopause: Dear Madam Softgel

Pain Relief Cream: Pain Goodbye Cream (External use)
Recovery from Serious Diseases:9405 Capsule
Stop Bleeding:Yunnan Baiyao (Stopbleeding Capsule)
Weight Lost-1: Ei Tai Mai Slim 30
Weight Lost-2: Modelslim

Classical Herbal Formulas by Name:
Specific Lumber Formula
Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan ( 金匮肾气丸)
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (六味地黄丸)
Ba Zhen Yi Mu Wan (八珍益母丸)
Dan Shen Pian (丹参片)
Hemorrex Tea Decoction ( 痔根断 )
Ming Mu Di Huang Wan (明目地黄丸)
San Qi Powder or Tablets (三七 /田三七 粉片)

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