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Chinese Herbs Alphabetical A:
Ai Ye

Code Number: A-0001
Chinese Herbal:Ai Ye (艾叶)
English: Mugwort Leaf, Artemisia
Latin: Artemisia argyi Levl. et Van.

Chinese Herbs Alphabetical B:
Ba Ji Tian

Code Number:B-0001
Chinese: Ba Ji Tian (Ba ji Tian )
English: Morinda Root
Latin: Morindae Officinalis Radix

Ba bian Dou
Code Number:B-0002
Chinese: Bai Bian Dou(Bai Bian Dou )
English: Hyacinth Bean, Dolichos
Latin: Semen Dolichoris Lablab

Bai Bu
Code Number: B-0003
Chinese:Bai Bu(百部)
English:Stemona Root
Latin:Radix Stemonae

Bai Fu Zhi
Code Number: B-0005
Chinese:Bai Fu Zi (白附子)
English:Typhonium Rhizome
Latin:Rhizoma Typhonii Gigantei

Bai He
Code Number: B-0007
English: Lily Bulb
Chinese:Bai He (百合)
Latin:Bulbus Lilii

Ba ji Li Code Number:B-0009
Chinese: Bai Ji Li (Ba ji Li )
English: Tribulus , Caltrop Fruit
Latin: Fructus Tribuli Terrestris

Bai Mao Gen
Code Number: B-0012
English:Woolly Grass Rhizome
Chinese:Bai Mao Gen (白茅根)
Latin:Rhizoma Imperatae Cylindricae

Bai Shao Code Number:B0014
Chinese: Bai Shao(Ba Shao)
English: White Peony Root
Latin: Radix Paeoniae Alba

Bai Shao Code Number: B-0016
Chinese:Bai Mao Gen (白茅根)
English:Cortex of Chinese Dittany Root
Latin:Cortex Dictamni Dasycarpi Radicis

Code Number:B0017
Chinese: Bai Zhi (Bai Zhi )
English: Dahurican Angelica root
Latin: Radix Angelicae Dahuricae

Code Number:B0018
Chinese herbal: Ban Xia (半夏)
English: Pinellia Rhizome
Latin: Pinellia ternata Breit

Code Number: B0020:
Chinese: Ban Lan Gen ( 板蓝根 )
English: Isatis Root or Woad Root
Latin: Radix Isatidis seu Baphicacanthi

Code Number B0022
Chinese: Bai Zhu(白术)
English: Atractylodes Rhizome
Latin:Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae

Code Number: B-0024
Chinese: Bo He (Bo He)
English: Field Mint, Mentha
Latin: Herba Menthae Haplocalycis

Code Number B-0025
Chinese:Bu Gu Zhi (补骨脂)
English:Psoralea Fruit
Latin:Fructus Psoraleae Corylifoliae

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