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San Qi Notoginseng Root Chinese Herbal: San Qi/ Tian San Qi ( 田三七)
English Name: Notoginseng Root, Pseudoginseng Root
Latin: Radix Pseudoginseng

San Qi (Notoginseng Root) is sweet, slightly bitter, warm and nontoxic. It acts on the heart, liver and large intestine. There is slight different from Raw San Qi from Cooked San Qi. Raw San Qi is better at arresting bleeding and transforming blood stasis. Cooked San Qi is more good at nourishing blood.

WHY IT'S USED: San Qi (Notoginseng Root) is one of the most important herbal for stopping bleeding and removing blood stasis. In China, It has been widely used in a knife cut, an incised wound or injury due to falling or beating. Also, it is generally combined with other herbals for stopping profuse menstrual bleeding, metrorrhagia, vomiting of blood, coughing of blood , epistaxis, hemafecia, hematochezia, and dysentery with bloody discharge. The main ingredient of Yunnan Bai Yao (云南白药), which is the most popular herbal formula for stopping all kinds of bleeding, is San Qi. It has anti-inflammation and anti fatigue, anti-biotic effect. It is good for Treating all kinds of diseases due to blood stasis, such as prostate enlargement, vertigo, pain and swelling inflamed eye, carbuncles and swelling. Sample of formulae: San Qi powder 1 gram and American Ginseng Powder 1 grams, twice a day for 30- 45 days for Prostate Enlargement.

Modern science research reports that San Qi not only stop bleeding and promote dissolving of fibrinogens, but also lowers serum lipids and cholesterol, improves capillary circulation, protects liver, enhances the effects of adrenocortical hormone to regulate the metabolism of sugar. San Qi is miraculously herbal that can stop bleeding without causing blood clots. Combined with Dan San (Salvia Root), San Qi is extensively used in prevention from cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke for height risk people in China.

San Qi tablets
San Qi Tablets
(Notoginseng Root Tablets )

Packing:60 Tablets /box
Dirctions: Take 1-2 tablets, three times a day.

COMMENTS AND CAUTIONS: Do not use during menses or during pregnancy. It should be discontinued at least 7 days prior to surgery. People with Heat or Yin deficiency should take it with tonify Yin herbals, such as American Ginseng Root. (A full heat will cause the face to be all red and be hot all of the time all over his or her body. Yin deficiency will cause mild heat, mainly in the afternoon or evening, night sweats and/or warm hands, feet and chest, and only the cheeks will be red. )

Drug Interaction: Do not use San Qi( Notoginseng Root ) without first talking to your practitioner or healthcare provider if you taking any of the following medications:
1.aspirin (San Qi may inhibit platelet activity)
2. warfarin (San QI may decrease effectiveness)
3. Caffeine or other substances that stimulate the central nervous system (San Qi may increase their effects possibly causing: irregular heartbeat , insomnia , nervousness , sweating
4.Haloperidol (San Qi may exaggerate Haloperido effects. so do not take them together )
5. Morphine (San Qi may block the pain killing effects of morphine).
6.Phenelzine - Interaction with San Qi may cause symptoms such as: headaches , manic-like episodes, tremulousness

Dosage: 1 to 1.5 grams in powder; 3 to 9 grams in decoction.

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